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Ages 6 weeks - 12 months. In these formative months, infants are cherished and given ample opportunity to learn and grow in a gentle and nurturing environment.

The MCC preschool classroom presents students with a prepared academic Montessori environment, specifically designed to appeal to their curious and investigative nature.

Balancing education, enrichment, and recreation, MCC’s B/A programs are ideal for the independent 6-12 year old elementary student. Transportation to and from the Center is provided by MCC.

The toddler age is one of the most exciting phases of child development, for both parent and child! At this age, children are learning new skills and words at a seemingly incredible pace.

The MCC Full Day Private Kindergarten program uses the “Spiral of Montessori Curriculum” approach to teach students in all academic areas; varying academic subjects are developed in detail.

The Montessori Children's Center offers a Summer Camp in the months of July and August to ages ranging from 16 months to 12 years.

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