Pre-School Montessori Program

Experimenters (Ages 3 – 5)

Traditional daycare centers and schools have for decades, approached children ages three to six in a rote, unimaginative manner. Children would spend hours upon hours simply playing with toys, taking every ounce of direction and instruction from a supervising adult. Children memorized rather than learned, they were told rather than taught, and schools were synonymous with daycares.

MCC’s approach to preschool education drastically breaks with this woefully inadequate standard.

The ages three to six often offer the first glimpse of the ‘grown’ child. The individual personalities, interests, likes and dislikes of children are, at this age, fully expressed by the child themselves- in an independent manner. In recognition of this, the MCC Preschool Program, more specifically referred to as our Primary Program, approaches the child as the smart, grown, and intelligent individuals they are.

The MCC Montessori curriculum is ideally suited for this age, with an emphasis on interest driven education.


More specifically, the curriculum of this class is driven by the child’s academic interests, abilities, and readiness.


This way, a child is allowed and even encouraged to work on lessons they are interested in, and as such they generally learn at a much faster pace.

Under the guidance of MCC’s Faculty, children work their way through the applicable series of Montessori materials, within the prepared environment of an MCC class.


The classroom itself is a dynamic environment, filled with academic lessons and materials designed to peak students curiosity, challenge their ability, and adapt to their varied interests.


Through a mixed age group environment, social and emotional growth, as well as values of independence and responsibility are encouraged. Core academic disciplines of math, language, science, practical life and sensorial are all more fully developed in the Primary classes.