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Toddler Program

Adventurers (18 months–3 yrs)

“Free the child's potential and you will transform him into the world.” - Maria Montessori

Our Environment

In our toddler classroom, your toddler will be with teachers who are loving, nurturing, and rigorously trained in child development - who create peaceful, supportive, and safe environments for our youngest children. 

Our team consists of Montessori trained teachers and assistants, creating a 1:6 adult/child ratio.  (The ratio required by the Virginia Department of Social Services is 1:8.)

In this environment, a child’s natural passion for wonder, curiosity, exploration, independence, and discovery comes alive.

Curious and Active Minds 

MCC Toddlers will work with Montessori materials intended to enhance toddler’s sensory recognition, concentration, coordination, language skills, responsibility and respect, independence, potty training, and preparation for the Primary level.

Teachers implement various Montessori exercises to foster skills, abilities, and traits that the child shows a readiness for.

What Parents Say

Our Methodology

Toddler teachers provide the foundation of Montessori curriculum in the toddler classroom by implementing Practical life, Sensorial, Math and Language activities.

They also enjoy group time with the Music, Physical Education, and Spanish.


These pillar elements of MCC’s toddler program, will allow Toddlers to learn and progress with a holistic, well-rounded, and diverse foundation. 

“The child should live in the environment of the beauty”. - Maria Montessori

Sherrice Mojgani


Montessori Children's Center is an excellent daycare. The teachers are thoughtful, kind and understanding. I've had two children at this center and they have received excellent care. My child was taught to use the potty, put his own shoes on and write his name, among many other things, we would have struggled to teach him as working parents. It's also very affordable, and the location was very convenient for us.

Ekta Wadhawan


I love the Montessori Children’s Center in Centerville. This place truly fosters the Montessori child-centered educational approach, nurturing each child's natural desire for knowledge, respect and understanding. My shy toddler has been flourishing in this environment and I am so grateful for the dedication and patience with which the staff has treated my son. The teachers are wonderful and they are not just “watching” the kids, they are actually teaching the toddlers through educational toys and play. I’m especially grateful to Ms. Naghmeh who is caring for my son with so much patience and kindness, and always takes the time to talk to me about my son’s development. Even though this place is pretty far from our house, my husband and I decided this is the best option for our son and he loves it there! Also, MCC has great classes all year round. My toddler loved the summer program – it was fun and educational. I highly recommend MCC!

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Want to know more ?

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Have questions? 

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