About Montessori Children’s Center 

Montessori Children’s Center (MCC) is a family owned and operated cluster of Montessori centers, situated across the Northern Virginia metropolitan area. Specifically, the centers are located in Herndon, VA and Centreville, VA.

Established more than thirty years ago, MCC has grown in to the Washington Metro area’s leading early childhood educator. MCC has constantly insisted on taking aholistic approach to delivering hands on pre-school education. To this end, MCC constructs its schools from the ground up, designing our campuses and facilities to meet the needs of our curriculum and students – not the other way around.

Certified Teachers

MCC is uninhibited in its hiring, bringing on ONLY the most talented and proven faculty – career educators. The curriculum itself, true Montessori in practice – not simply name. The result is an unprecedented environment for students to grow and excel. Decade after decade, thousands of families have joined the MCC Family.

Experience your children's potential, thanks to MCC's commitment to make it a reality.