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Choosing to join MCC is much more than simply enrolling in a school. 

MCC represents excellence in education; we are educators striving to assist children realize their potential.

The art of meshing the modern with the heritage and history of the oldest and largest operating Montessori schools in Northern Virginia is the mission of MCC ’management team.

Montessori Children’s Center’s philosophy is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. It's helpful for conceptual purposes to think of teachers as conductors of an intricate orchestra of students and young minds, making learning a fun and memorable experience for the children.

Philosophy and Goals

At MCC, our general objectives of the program at all levels are to:

Nurture self-confidence, independence, concentration, coordination, a sense of order, and an awareness of self, community, and the world.

Encourage and direct the natural desire to learn, choose and solve.

Cultivate an enduring love of learning.

Provide carefully prepared environment and personnel to support learning as it moves from the concrete base to greater abstraction.

Have a positive effect on the world through the education of well-rounded students.


Through these objectives, Montessori students become:

  • Moral beings

  • Confident, competent learners

  • Independent

  • Autonomous

  • Intrinsically motivated

  • Academically prepared

  • Socially responsible

  • Freedom within limits

  • Able to handle external authority

  • Citizens of the world

  • Stewards of the earth


Source: Nancy M. Rambush and John A. Stoops, The Authentic American Montessori School

Student learning outcomes

Want to know more ?

Want to know more ?

Have questions? 

Have questions? 

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