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Before & After School Care

(Ages 6–12 yrs)

The MCC Before and After Program offer the perfect balance of fun, learning, and enrichment all within a safe and nurturing environment.

Before and After School Care program provides all children with a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which they can grow emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. MCC’s private fleet of busses provides transportation and from local elementary schools, which enables teachers and students to quickly establish a schedule and routine

Strict health and safety protocols

MCC ensures that your child is in a safe and healthy environment by following the county, state, and CDC guidelines. 

We are DHO Certified(Daily Health Observation), we observe and monitor our children.

All our staff are vaccinated (Covid 19).

Anyone coming into MCC will need to pass a temperature check upon entering our building.

Anyone over the age of 2 years is expected to wear masks.

Explore inner talent

At MCC, children learn, communicate, and enjoy through a well-researched curriculum which includes field trips, reading, cooking, music, foreign language, and art apart from completing their school homework.

Semi-monthly themes are designed for the students to explore and potentially pick up a hobby. Some of the topics include current events, the environment, science and experiments, cultures of the world, fitness and much more!

Extra-curricular activities and Sports

Children are provided help with their school homework. They are also motivated to pursue their own interests and develop self-confidence as they learn to comprehend new areas that might not be available in a standard public-school curriculum. Additionally, throughout the year many extracurricular activities are made available to our children which have included Dance, Soccer, Robotics, Chess, Yoga, and many others.

Available all year around

We are open all year round. We will be open on most school holidays and teacher workdays except on Federal Holidays.

We have somewhat liberal take on FCPS closings. MCC will be closed the first day that FCPS declares as snow day. If the road conditions are safe around our area, we will decide to stay open. If the roads conditions are bad, then we will be closed. Any changes will be informed well in advance.

Pickup and Drop off

MCC offers to drop and pick up children from most of the nearby elementary schools.

MCC drops children who are in Before Care from MCC to their elementary school. After Care children are picked up from their respective elementary school and brought to MCC. Parents will have to drop their child to MCC in the morning and pick up their child from MCC in the evening.

Preschool - After care transportation
Preschool - After care transportation

Parent communication

As a preschool parent you may want to know what kind of day your child has had? We made this easy and convenient for you to send and receive communication about your child. 

MCC uses a mobile app for instant notifications that the parents can see, be it pictures of their child’s work/works of the day. It’s the best and most efficient way for the teacher to reach out to the parents be it individual/group message and vice versa for the parents. We are just a message away to keep in constant touch.

Parent communication
Parent communication
Parent communication

Want to know more ?

Want to know more ?

Have questions? 

Have questions? 

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