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Founded in 1983 by a husband and wife duo, Riza and Fiaza Haniffa,Montessori Children’s Center began as a twenty eight student school, in Falls Church, Virginia. The center itself was a far cry from MCC campuses of today- it was simply a renovated 1940′s house.

Students and their families were impressed by the individual attention given to each child and their families, along with the importance the preschool placed on the success and well-rounded growth of each and every one of its students.
Over the last three decades, the company has indeed grown, but the family feeling remains.


"I have two children that attend MCC and, as a parent, I'm so happy my kids have found a home here."

- Tonya M.

Today, MCC has developed a reputation as experts in early childhood education in the Washington metro area. The campuses are state of the art facilities, staffed with some of the most talented faculty in the area.
The overwhelming majority of new MCC students, already have a connection to MCC before even walking in the door. Parents regularlyenrol siblings, families enrol nephews and nieces, neighbours and co-workers send alike.
The connections and roots of an MCC community run deep. Our families take great comfort in knowing their children are educated and cared for and nurtured by a brand which understands at its root- that family comes first.

The management of today’s MCC system, continues to be led by the same family who established the company over 30 years ago. The family, along with a team of industry professionals, now infuse fresh energy, enthusiasm, and creative ideas. The art of meshing the modern with the heritage and history of the oldest and largest operating Montessori schools in Northern Virginia is the mission of today’s MCC management team.
Choosing to join MCC is much more than just enrolling in a school. MCC represents excellence in education; we are educators striving to assist children realize their potential.

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