Kindergarten Montessori Program

Pathfinders (Ages 5 – 6)

The MCC Kindergarten Program is a robust and dynamic offering. In many regards, this MCC program is the culmination of years of preparation, spent in the more elementary MCC classes.

Students who have participated in this program, have over the past 25 years, routinely and consistently excelled in their subsequent academic endeavors. It is common place for graduates of MCC’s Kindergarten program to place 1 to 2 grade levels above their peers, when entering public school systems throughout the Northern Virginia metro area. Graduates have also developed a track record of entering the areas public school system’s Gifted and Talented Programs (Advanced Studies Programs).

The MCC Kindergarten program is structured on full day, dual academic session, framework. The typical MCC classroom progression has MCC students work their way through the Toddler, and Primary classes before entering the Kindergarten program. As such, this last pre-grade school program witnesses exponential growth in students.


The typical MCC Kindergartner will be reading at grade school level, able to complete advanced math exercises – including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students will also exhibit extreme social and emotional maturity.

The MCC Kindergarten experience provides students and families an increasingly rare, education centric atmosphere; this environment leaves the child free to excel to their true and full potential.